“Women and Technology”

Last week, when trying to prepare to present articles in class, I went to YouTube and did a search for “women and technology”. There were a couple of videos with that name that came up that were very degrading. Basically, they were depictions of women having trouble using a piece of technology. Here are a couple of examples (and I only post them here to show the ridiculousness…I do not endorse the blatant stereotype at all):

Yet, when I did the same search and changed “women” to “men”, there was not one single video of men having problems using technology.

I worked at a helpdesk for a large insurance firm for five years. I know for a fact that men struggle with technology:

  • I had one man call and tell me to reboot the mouse server because his mouse wasn’t working anymore. He was dead serious.
  • Another man insisted to me that his FAX machine could run on his DSL line.
  • It was a man who, after listening to our automated message stating that the network was down and we were working on the problem, told me “I know the message said the network is down, but I want to know why I can’t get email.
  • It was a man who kept referring to his docking station as a “black thingy”.
  • It was a man who asked me, in all seriousness, if I could see him through the monitor when I remoted into his computer.

Yes, many women called me and said just as ridiculous stuff. But, my point is, all men are not born with an innate ability to understand technology. In the same vein, all women are not born with this automatic inability to be able to use technology.

It’s time to remove these negative stereotypes about women and technology!


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