Gender and Computerization

This semester, I am taking a class in Gender and Computerization. This class is of interest to me for two reasons:

1) Professional: My focus is Human-Computer Interaction Design, which means I am interested in how the way that humans interact with computers should shape the design of interfaces. Many aspects of humans shape their interactions with computers, and gender is just one. Therefore, if I understand how gender and computers are related, then I will be a better designer.

2) Personal: I am a woman, and I have been working and playing in the world of IT for about 14 and a half years now. And, during most of that time, I was a minority because of my gender. This always has intrigued me.

For the final project for this class, we have three options. One of which is to blog and reflect on the articles we read and discuss throughout the semester. I have decided on this option as a way to help increase the content of this blog, but more importantly, to help me truly reflect about how the topics can indeed help me become a better designer.

Each week has a topic, and we read about 4 articles related to that topic. So, my plan is to begin by listing the topic, summarizing an article or two, and then reflecting on what I’ve read. Typically, I read the articles the weekend before class, so I will probably do the blog posts then. If we discuss something that is particularly intriguing to me in class, I will blog about that during the week.

I am currently reading the articles for this week. So, I plan to write my first post for this project tomorrow, after I’ve had time to read, digest, and reflect.


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