The power of Social Networking

I’ve decided that my capstone (which is akin to a thesis, in case anyone doesn’t know) is going to focus on doulas. So, to figure out my problem space, I wanted to ask some women who are doulas and women who’ve used doulas some questions.

I put a note up on my Facebook page explaining what I was looking for.  A couple of friends from my undergrad days responded almost immediately.  One had used a doula, the other knew some.  They offered to give my email address to doulas they know.

That was on Sunday night.  Now, just 4 days later, I have received almost 20 replies from doulas or women who’ve used them.  And, all I did was put up a note that took me a couple of minutes to write and post!

In my research plan, I had figured that I’d need a couple of weeks to recruit women.  And, I was only planning on maybe a dozen for the pre-research (what I’m doing now).  But, all of these women have said they’re willing to participate even further in my study (which will be when I get IRB approval and figure out what the next step is) and some even said they could give my email address to other doulas they know.  So, I’m even ahead on recruiting for future studies!

Every single one of the women have been so enthusiastic and supportive.  It’s obvious they had beautiful experiences with or as doulas.  This group of women are incredible!!

I have goosebumps.  I’m am amazed, overjoyed, and encouraged!

However, now, I must stop writing this post so I can analyze their responses and get started on the proposal that’s due on Tuesday.


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