CMC and sports

I am participating in two fantasy football leagues. I should mention that I’ve never played fantasy football before.  In fact, football is not really something I enjoy….well, used to anyway LOL

I am married to a sports nut, so I’m exposed to a lot of sports.  And, being the Hoosier that I am, I am crazy about basketball, especially NCAA (Go Hoosiers!!!).  But, I never really paid much attention to other sports.  I love attending live games, but watching baseball or football on TV was always boring to me.

So, why am I in two FF leagues?  Well, I started a new job a couple months ago, and everyone I work with is in a leaugue.  So, I decided to join as a way to build solidarity…to have something to talk to them about.  And, after joining that one, when the call came out for the second one, I figured one more couldn’t be that hard to manage.

So, now that I’m in two leagues, I find myself watching football with my husband.  Before, he would watch and I would read or surf the ‘net or knit or call my girlfriends on the phone.  But, now I’m actually paying attention!

Well, last night was the opening game at Lucas Oil Stadium between Da Bearsssssss and the Colts.  Now, if I had to say what my favorite team was, it would be the Colts.  I’ve seen more Colts games than any other team, and I’ve actually seen them live when they were at the RCA Dome. But, last night, I had to root for the Bears, because I have them as my Defense and Desmond Clark as my TE in one of my FF leagues.

What’s all this got to do with CMC, you ask? Well, last night as we were watching the game, I realized how pervasive CMC is in the sports world.  Every time there was a great play (can you say SAFETY?!), my husband received two or three text messages on his phone, while at least 2 or 3 people in my “social network” were tweeting about it on Twitter, and still more were updating their Facebook or MySpace profiles with references to the plays.  Also, I had my FF site open and people in our league were posting messages to the board.

So, in the course of a few hours, I watched the plays of one game be broadcast across four separate modes of CMC.

One of the people I follow on Twitter posted that he was looking forward to being able to root for the Colts again after the game was over, which were my sentiments exactly!

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but to me it was an interesting observation. The pervasiveness of sports talk through CMC made it seem like fantasy football is huge (and, yeah, maybe it is), yet feeling like part of a select community made the world seem a bit smaller.


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  1. You should try an contact an alum, Matt Weldon (rabid3k on Twitter), and ask him about his capstone work. It involved a shared remote experience over live mediated games. I think Twitter would have been involved had it been around when he was working on it.


  2. Thanks, Kevin. That sounds quite intriguing!


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