Human-Critter Interaction

I’m going to take a slight break from the Human-Computer Interaction focus of this blog.  Today, HCI is going to mean Human-Critter Interaction.

(I really just have some cute & funny pictures to post LOL)

Part 1

So, my hubby and I went on a vacation at the end of July.  A friend of mine and her children and their dog stayed at our house while we were gone.  It turns out that my friend’s dog had fleas, though she honestly didn’t know it at the time.  So, we ended up with a very itchy dog and two very itchy cats.  We got lots of perscription steroids and antibiotics and flea dips from the vet and we’ve been treating all the members of our family who walk on four legs, as well as our carpets, furniture and bedding regularly.  The @#$% things won’t die!  And, my poor kittehs are just so pathetic.  See?

Hubby and Zeus

Hubby and Zeus

Me and Athena

Me and Athena

Part 2

About 4:30 this morning, my I was awakened by noises in my garage.  Turns out, two raccoons had been stuck in the garage for about 12 hours.  Yesterday, my hubby got home about 30 minutes before me and he left the garage door open for me (he’s such a sweetie!).  When I got home, I closed it.  Well, apparently during that 30 minutes, the two ‘coons wandered in.  And, they had a field day with the recycling:

They also left us several of these, ahem, “presents”:

And, last but not lease, they damaged the wiring for the garage door opener:

Oh, the joys of living in the country on a wooded lot!  LOL


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