Do you blog? Then fill out the BlogIndiana Census

If you have your own blog and you are in Indiana, and if you haven’t already filled it out, go fill out the BlogIndianaCensus!

During the morning announcement session of the BlogIndiana Conference, the initial results of this survey were presented. At the time, 117 people had filled out the survey. I KNOW there are more bloggers in Indiana! Let’s represent, people!

Some of the findings they presented that I noted:

  • Of the 117 people who completed the survey, 42 were female and, 75 were male.
  • Most respondents are in Indy (62), but lots of other cities were mentioned, including our very own Bloomington.
  • The most popular platform is blogger (50), wordpress is 2nd.
  • Most respondents have been blogging for one year–38–while only 4 have been doing it for 8 or more years.
  • Post frequency—41 post every day, 26 post 2-3x a week, 19 post once a week, 15 post less than once a week, 10 post every other day, and 4 post once a month.

Very interesting stuff!  I’m very curious how these numbers may or may not change as more people fill it out.

I’m currently at the BlogIndiana conference, on the IUPUI campus.  I’ve attended the opening announcements, two sessions, and lunch.  Waiting for a panel, then two more sessions for the day.  I hope to be able to blog about them specifically later today or tonight (I’m finding that I’m not as good at multitasking as I had once imagined!)


2 responses to this post.

  1. You’re doing great. I’d be interested to know how many local bloggers made the trek north.


  2. […] posted two reports yesterday. The first was on the Blog Indiana Census, which I completed earlier this summer. […]


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